From my experience making interactive robots, it is an interesting exercise to see how it would be to "Ottomize" basically almost any robot that could be bring to life by using the same mechanical principle of #ottodiy For this the first one i chose was the remarkable "Makey" the robot the most well know character of the Maker Faires. I select it because for me it look pretty similar to the structure we use in Otto, although the articulations might vary i thought it will be fun to make it move in the way that i knew it could work. I researched online and did not find so far someone that have take this challenge in small scale, i saw some amazing big and mega Makey but none so far made an automatic walking biped robot of it.

So then i have to take as reference the 3D-Printable Maker Faire Robot figurine, the 2D logo and whatever reference, i find online to make sure my design was as close as possible to the character.

Maker Faire it is the greatest show and tell on earth! Ultimately this project is gratification tribute to Make Media now resurrected as Make Community. So that a lot people can replicate and share in their own cities Maker faire events.