v0.7 testing

A project log for custom bldc motor board using fpga

custom pcb for controlling a bldc motor optimally

Simon TrendelSimon Trendel 03/09/2020 at 14:540 Comments

For testing v0.7 we conducted two tests. The first test was to do 10000 cycles of lifting a 5kg weight up and down. The iceboard here controls the bldc motor mounted in one of roboy 3.0 muscle units. The white dyneema tendon is rolled up by the bldc motor on a 12mm winch. The 5kg weight is lifted two revolutions of this winch within 1 second then lowers the weight to the start point within 1 second. This completes one cycle.

A FLIR TG165 was used to measure the heat distribution on the iceboard. The drv8323 chip and the low-side mosfets are the hottest components at around 40C.

The second test was 10000 cycles of rolling up the tendon three times, within 2.5 seconds, then going back to 0 within 0.5 seconds:

The motorboard showed no signs of degradation after these tests.