The one more function was add for 30 years old Atari 65XE - to be the USB-keyboard for a modern computer (Linux preferred).

For make this is need only Arduino Leonardo, not a lot of wires, an USB-cable. No a DC-adapter of Atari will used for this function.

Only 34 soldering points is need to make. Because the pitch of contacts on slots of the Atari's keyboard and on Arduino is 0.1 in (2.54 mm), the process of soldering is easy.

After soldering wires from Arduino to Atari's keyboard slot, Arduino can be placed at any cozi position under the case. The USB-cable need to be connect to Arduino and let out from the Atari's case.

Not all keys of the retro Atari is correspond to keys of a modern PC-keyboard. Some keys of Atari will be with 2 functions to make all PC's commands. It is possible to make some different layouts within the Arduino sketch. Within the layout of the Arduino sketch that's here, mainly keys of Atari correspond to PC-keys, but not all (see "Diary" for details).

In addition to the USB-keyboard usage it remains the possible to enable this Atari in the native mode. But, of course, not at the same time when he are connected via an USB to a PC like a keyboard.

See "Diary" here for details and files.