Yori 02 Avatar Robot & Cyclop VR headset.

Robotic body controlled by thought and managed remotely through internet from distant places. Who said you can´t be in two places at once

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Yori is a robot that works AUTONOMOUSLY but is also an AVATAR for people with disabilities, for real-world connections through the internet, which allows telecommuting and telepresence. But more important is an ALTERNATIVE BODY
It is a social robot whose proportions have been developed based on math adapted to human perception causing the sensation of being a baby pet.
Users can wear a brain wave reader headset for robot control by thoughts only, however, It can also be controlled with eye movements and remote touch screen.
It is an emotional robot with sequential movement that psychologically influences persons around it (ex: dog face and eyebrows that resembles emotions) because it acts by producing movements of a small child, which causes a feeling of tenderness.
It is an immersive robot, which comes with a 360 degree 3D viewfinder by spectrography for total Teletransport of the mind into a new robot body with improved 4k / 8k resolution compared to most viewers.

This is simply a robot controlled by thoughts over the internet that also has an enhanced VR headset for a more realistic telepresence experience. 

The robot was built due to problems with my health when after an accident I stayed in bed for a long time. Then I could know firsthand that the mind can work perfectly but not the external hardware. In those conditions, the mind does not connect with the world. He has no way of manipulating it. The same happens with cameras and robots "without arms" to manipulate the world that currently exist. So it was important that the machine complied with conditions of manipulation of the real world, that it was social, that it was attractive and also that it allowed it to be a functional replacement body.  Yori 02 info

An AUTONOMOUS system that allows the robot to find its charger, interact with people, human silhouette recognition, etc.

AVATAR / ALTERNATIVE BODY that acts as part of a Robot exposition named Robots Crate, where you can´t find the difference between the autonomous robot and the one controlled through the internet.  

So, how does Yori 02 robot work ? 

Video in action: 

The avatar can be controlled through internet 

Can be used by people with dissasbilities....

Can be used for telecommuting.... 

Can even be used for medical visiting , medical entertainment for kids or as an Autism therapy alternative. (already proven) 

So,  Yori 02 is part of a robotic exhibition where people with dissabilities control the robot. The exhibition is Robots Crate  

About the Virtual Reality headset:  Cyclop is the first "Image Volume" viewfinder that uses just one big, an elongated lens that covers the face. This instead of the traditional VR headset ( one lens for the entire face vs one lens for each eye). We developed a proprietary system for developing this kind of glasses.    Cyclop is a viewer that was created to give a more real and deeper immersion vision for our avatars systems. This allows us to create more real sensations and therefore a mechanism so that the user can really feel in the place where the robot body is located.  

The headset Industrial design: 

This can be produced independently of the robot or next to it. In fact, the Cyclop headset is developed for easy assembly. This VR headset, originally developed for Yori robot is being used in another kind of simulators also developed by me.  This because of the realism achieved by the "ONE EYE VR TECHNOLOGY". So, VR allows a better perception and spatial idea for people with disabilities controlling the machines. Also, less dizziness compared to traditional VR headsets and automatic adaptation for myopia and astigmatism.

a New realism method achieved by the "CYCLOP - ONE EYE VR TECHNOLOGY" 

  • 1 × PVC and Iron external structure
  • 1 × Termoformed molding for external casting
  • 1 × Led platform for multiple lightning
  • 1 × PC celeron or superior PC
  • 6 × 1/4 scale servomotors

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    I recently presented our Patent pending protection related to the architecture. I´ll start presenting  obj and stl structure parts as soon as we got entire protection. This also includes electronics and coding. This will be delivered as a comprised package.  We will also deliver Cyclop visor plans. Lenses will be availiable for sale. 

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