• Robotic Inventions

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    15 years of experience in hardware prototyping and software coding, Also telepresence robotics, industrial Automation and expositive Museography.
    (I´ve done more than 200 projects for Nestle brands, Bristol Myers, Schering Plough, The Voice Franchise, etc.)
    This has been recognized through press releases and awards given as a National Union Press Award , Universities recognitions and press releases in South America and the USA.

    At the moment I lead the development and commercialization of Aerobot / Flight Simulator for drones and Sea BOT, virtual aquarium simulator, made in a submarine with movement in 3 axes.
    and the new exhibition Robot Crate Expo.
    successfull projects: 
    Robots Crate Expo I (20 robots in scene)
    Steam Punk Museum (aprox 60 000 attendees) (Old factory with robot guides and artificial intelligence) https://www.cajaderobots.com/copia-de-on-demand-museum

    Creation of Robot Yori, Companionable Robot
    Robot Jupé AI - Dessert assembler robot
    Dragon - Advertising Week / New York AI interactive robot.
    Projects such as the chairs of the franchise “The Voice” , among others.

    I am an entrepreneur and self-taught in Python programming, .NET, Arduino, Autodesk Meshmixer, Professor of Autodesk Inventor and CAD solutions, CNC handling, and rapid prototyping. (More than 15 years of experience)
    I have a B.A. in marketing and administration, 3 intellectual property registrations for inventions, 5 for utility designs, 4 for commercial brands.
    I have designed 10 different models of utility robots. I also design and implement solutions in industrial automations.
    I am an entrepreneur in the technological market, focused on AI , robotic architecture and CAD design.