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    Building Kicad footprints from DXF files

    I was unable to find Kicad footprint for Samtec MEC1-120-02-L-D-RA1-NP-SL edge connector. They have 3D model and footprints for other CAD formats, but KiCad was not one of them.

    Would be nice if Kicad has import Eagle footprint feature.  I didn't have luck with the scripts I found online.

    Samtec was kind enough to convert the Eagle footprint to KiCad. However, the file I received did not have the proper mounting pads (it should be spokes out, not just plain annular ring).

    I saw the spec for mounting pad on their site, but it's in PDF.  Contacting Samtec, I received a DXF file with all the footprint, but it was the wrong dimensions.

    InkScape choked and unable to open the file so  I imported the DXF file into Fusion360 as multiple sketches. Fusion360 > Create component > Insert > Insert DXF > One Sketch Per Layer:

    Once there, I measured pad to pad distance and discovered that it was 39.37mm instead of 1mm.  So I scaled it in Fusion, saved it as two DXF files (one for PIN_TOP,  One for PIN_SOLDERMASK)

    Originally, I tried aligning the new graphics with the existing footprint, but then I noticed that there is an offset in the import dialog in KiCad.  So I did property of the mounting hole, take note of the x,y origin.  Did the same with the imported DXF.  Find the difference, undid the import and redid it with the proper offset.

    Kicad won't import DXF into F.Cu, so I imported the DXF into Dwgs.User, save it,and open the pretty file using Notepad++ and global search replace dwgs.user with F.cu.

    I was able to import DXF of the solder mask directly into the F.Mask layer.