1. Test.

2. Start to make it.

3. All parts we need in this project.

4. Finished.

Product list:

Diode RHRP 860 x4   http://bit.ly/2DwEP2n

Diode FR107 x4                      http://bit.ly/2VquG38

Diode 1N4148  x10    http://bit.ly/2RQimq8

Resistor 10R/2W            http://bit.ly/2LzzmOO

Resistor 10K/2W x2       http://bit.ly/2Y7F6RA


Capacitor 1000uF/63V  X4:             http://bit.ly/2GRP31A

Capacitor 4700uF/25V x2                http://bit.ly/2NOQFgL

Capacitor 100nF X10   http://bit.ly/2QK6ph7

Capacitor 1nF x10 : http://bit.ly/2SYCB2s

Capacitor 10nF  X10 : http://bit.ly/2DaCVWl

Capacitor 10uF/50V x5 http://bit.ly/2M9qC34

Capacitor 220uF/50V x 5 http://bit.ly/32G6gmg

Capacitor 220uF/16V x5 http://bit.ly/2SEgpxy


Resistor 10R x20 http://bit.ly/2UTDASo

Resistor 10K x10 http://bit.ly/2TMSWXV

Resistor 1K x10  http://bit.ly/2XXF9R3

Resistor 47K x10 http://bit.ly/2Th6bn6

Resistor 4K7 x10  http://bit.ly/2FrBKl6

Resistor 33K x10  http://bit.ly/2YoG3Gr

Resistor VR10K x10  http://bit.ly/2ssvT90

FUSE 40A http://bit.ly/2LyKlYF

Fuse holder: http://bit.ly/2SHPOzt

FUSE 3A x2 http://bit.ly/2XdYc9g


IRF3205 X8: http://bit.ly/2AMKJM7

IC TL494/7500 http://bit.ly/2XSImoJ

LM7812 http://bit.ly/2LvSBcG

LM7912 http://bit.ly/2Jbs0j7

More details, pls check the video on Youtube: