New features:-

1.  Left mouse click on graphs pops up tool tip style temperature values to make it easier to measure graph points.

2. Addition of 5 presets.

3. Toggle units between Celsius and Fahrenheit 

4. Mode selection between "Free Run", "Forced High" and "Forced Low"

5. Toggle between Active High and Active Low output driving

6. 2 stage control.  Provides for 2 setpoints, PID vectors towards setpoint 1,  sustain for set duration then vectors to setpoint 2 sustains then shuts off.

7. Reset PID loop.  Resets all the PID calculation back to zero.

8. State field is more descriptive

9 Help pages

10. display data only page that makes it easy to log all the values. Can be cut and pasted into a file and imported into excel

11. Status indicator that mirrors the state of the output.