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Things I've Built


Android App to control Winamp from anywhere I have internet access. As I like to play random music I need to be able to forward, pause, vol up/dn as I work around the house.

IoT Sprinklers and Roller Doors

Control and status sprinklers and Rollerdoor via Internet. Sends warning emails if not closed after suitable time.

Universal RF remote

Record any infrared remote then could be replayed remotely via an RF remote. Allowed for music to be changed, volume etc from anywhere in the house

CD Jukebox

386 Based robotic CD changer for 100 CD back when thats was all we had. Sony CD player generates interrupt after scheduled song list complete. 386 then drives robot to remove and replace CD then reprograms and begins play of the new schedule.

Hectare Meter

PIC based device that counts area as farm machinery work a padock

Gun Target Controller

PIC based air solenoid controller to automate the control of Targets at a gun club

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