Hacking Your 2019 Maker Faire Seoul Badge

Instruction for how to use NeoPixel and Arduino with skiiiD.

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In Maker Faire Seoul 2019, skiiiD giveaway Arduino Nano and Neopixel!

Check out the video for details.

If you have any questions, please contact us freely.

  • 1 × neopixel ws2812
  • 1 × arduino nano
  • 1 × coin cell battery cr2032
  • 1 × coin cell battery holder
  • 1 × mini breadboard

  • 1
    Video Instruction
  • 2


    Badge x 1

    CR2032 Coin Cell Battery X2

    Coin Cell Battery Holder X1

    Neopixel Strip X1

    Arduino Nano X1

    Mini Bread Board X1

  • 3
    Put CR2032 Batteries Securely

    Let's put CR2032 Coin Batteries to Battery holder.

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