I definitely want to add more lighting modes in the future, as well as work some more on the command line interface. Because at the moment there isn't too much you can do with.


The design is pretty self explanatory.
I'm using the ATTiny1617 again in this project, it uses PWM to control the brightness and colours of the LEDs.
To control the lamp, you can either choose to use the 3 buttons, or you can talk to the ATTiny over a serial interface which offers a few more settings.
For the USB to UART conversion I'm using an FT230XQ and a small IC for ESD protection and common mode filtering.
I also put a temperature sensor with an I²C interface on the board, which I didn't really implement yet. You can read the temperature and configure offsets over the serial terminal, but nothing else yet.

I also added some additional circuitry around the UPDI interface, in case I ever want to fuse the UPDI pin to a different function. For example, if I ever wanted to integrate a bootloader.