Quantity   Component name
4 × *.stl files Print all the stl files attached
2 × Peerless by Tymphany TC6FD00-04 2" Full Range Woofer Is the driver I based my design on, it MUST be this
1 × Single RCA cable To connect the two speakers
1 × 12v - 4A Power supply The general power supply
1 × Stuffing material (polyester material) For reference: Dacron Hollofil 300gr
2 × RCA panel jeck You need 2 RCA jeck for the connection to the amplifier
1 × DC panel plug Watch the video to see witch type
1 × Power switch Watch the video to see witch type
1 × Board based on Yamaha YDA-138E (FX-138-V5) Is the amp board I chosed for this project
1 × CSR8675 module Is the bluetooth 5.0 module (chose the "analog output" configuration)
1 × MAX97220 module It's a little amplifier configured with gain 0, we need it to convert the balanced sound from the CSR8675
1 × B1205S DC-DC converter, isolated The 1W is already good