UNMOMENT - Ntp, Binary, Rgb CLOCK

It's an arduino based binary clock which tells the time by mixing RGB colours.

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Telling Time can be colourful

This is a clock that is perhaps only a decorative object after all.

It is possible to read the time by deactivating the seconds display. 

You can do this for 60 seconds by pressing one of the buttons.

Then it is still difficult, because you have to process the binary code as well as the mixture of coloured light.

As long as the seconds are off:

The hour is blue (and pink)

The minute is red (and pink)

If the seconds are ON, everything changes.

The seconds are green (and bright blue, and yellow, and white)

The minutes are red (and pink, and yellow, and white)

The hours are blue (and pink, and bright blue, and white)

Numbering in classic binary: 32 | 16 | 8 | 4 | 2 | 1



Pretty colorful? 

For sure.


Well, if you have to ask... ;)

It's a quite simple code and doesn't need special hardware at all.

- WemosD1 mini

- WS2801 LED Strip with 3.1cm between each LED

- Some Wood. Sounds easy, but can take some time.

- Aluminium and a way to bend it

- A piece of Acryl

- HotGlue

- Some Wires, one Button and an idea to put this all together

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