Custom Christmas Lights With WLED and WS2811 LEDs

I built a custom automated wreath with my wife using an ESP8266, WS2811 LEDs and some other random parts.

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I built a custom wreath with my wife last week. She really liked the roofline WS2812 LEDs that I installed and wanted to make the house a bit more festive for December.

We went to a local craft store and picked up a cheap/plain wreath and something called florist wire.

After that we headed home to set it all up. It really only took about an hour to complete the whole project.

Most time was spent configuring the LEDs so that they were pointing outward and weren't hidden by branches on the wreath.

It was a pretty fun project for me and my wife enjoyed being involved with the Christmas decorations on the outside of the house.

Hopefully this inspires others to go build something.

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