OSCUR Open. Source. Companion. Utility. Robot.

A 3D printable open-source robot designed to be modular to fit many tasks and be a fun companion inspired by sci-fi robots from StarWars.

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This is OSCUR a "pet" project I started about a week ago, I am a high school senior going off to college and I thought it would be fun to build a droid like a robot to bring along. All of the main parts are 3d printable and the rest is standard hardware. The head will spin independently from the body and I hope this will allow people to customize the function of the robot without having to change the drive base at the bottom. I will be publishing all of the cad models, code, and drawings and may create kits sometime in the future for all of the hardware so that I can lessen the price for making them. I will be uploading files and updates weekly.

There aren't too many details right now as the robot is still within the development stage. The whole robot from side to side is 190 mm making the whole thing 3D printable on most entry level machines such as the Creality Ender 3. The basic structure of the robot exists in two halves; the body and the head. The body includes two dc motors which drive timing belts directly into the wheel. These two wheels control the x and y movement of the robot on surfaces. Also in the body are 6 ultrasonic sensors which will give enough information to build a simple map of the surroundings for the robot to move through. The main battery will also be stored in the base though there may be a secondary battery within the head if it becomes necessary. The head will store more complex sensors and processors and custom mechanisms per the robots designated task. For example if you would like your OSCUR to water the plants you could design the head with a water tank and pump, or if you would like it to be a party server you may add cup holders to the head and a large Bluetooth speaker inside the head. I will of course make a few head designs but I am relying on the creativity and skill of the collective to make the really interesting ones. 

  • Week 0

    Jacob Hay12/27/2019 at 15:43 0 comments

    I want to have consistent logs and so i'm going to be posting logs every Friday. 

    Currently I am waiting on a motor to test the motor assembly, which should be here Saturday (tomorrow). In the meantime I have been printing some of the parts that I assume wont change very much such as mounts and brackets. I also printed a 1/2 scale model of the head just as a desk piece, for motivation I guess. Its pretty funny because the Arduino mega doesn't even fit inside of it and there is barley enough room for one motor.  

    Still working on the cad model, mostly deciding on how the head is going to spin, initially I had decided to just put a motor in the middle of the robot which would be the simplest mechanism. This though would not allow wires to pass from the base to the head. If I want power and control wires to pass through the head I need to design a sort of ring to rotate around, this shouldn't be too difficult. 

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