Meet Nova, my first companion bot! She is a moving and light up fairy dragon that sits on my shoulder. Version 1 was built fast and for a deadline, but I'm looking forward to upgrading her in the future.

Unlike other companion bots out there, she is soft and cuddly and has minimal 3D components. This is partially for aesthetic reasons and partially because during her build process I only had access to a borrowed printer for a few weeks. 

She was created to rest on my shoulder like a fur stole and has some randomized movements in her wings and head that give her lifelike resting movements. When you touch the charm on her forehead her wings change color and flap faster. Her movements are part butterfly and part bird, making her a curious and cuddly companion! I'm hoping to incorporate her with my color changing fairy costume so she can do some color changing in response to the magic wand that controls that costume as well. 

Check out the project logs for details about each part of her build.