Structural Modification - CAD Modelling

A project log for X60s (2020) ThinkPad

X60s is a near-perfect laptop chassis for mobility. I will be retrofitting a modern laptop motherboard to modernize this machine

SeanSean 01/29/2020 at 19:530 Comments

Whilst I had hoped to minimise this initially it became apparent that I will need a high quality model of the laptop. This is to allow me to create and build off of the existing structures in the chassis and accurate choose where and how chassis modifications can take place.

1. The main parts of the chassis will be modelled in solidworks. Whilst I will likely do more 

      - Palm Rest

      - Bottom Chassis

      - Hinges

      - LCD Lid

      - LCD Bezel

      - Original Motherboard clearance area and mounting interfaces (non detailed)

      - The E590 motherboard clearance area (non detailed)

      - Requirements for custom boards and left over space

2. If modifications are made I do not want to negatively effect the device structure. If possible, structural reinforcements will be made where necessary with the assistance of an FEA analysis, and potentially some topology analysis (for the reinforcements) the minimise weight afterwards.