All details are explained on the website,, I have set it out as a tutorial, mainly for my own benefit in case I need to do something similar again in the future. Machine Learning is actually really easy if you use pre-trained models, which in my case proved entirely sufficient for the job.

I will outline the details here.


    - just the outline with a list of parts

Part one:

    - I test out the circuit on a breadboard, using some LED's and try out the Android app on a stuffed toy monkey

Part two:

     - I try out pytorch and python version of the monkey detector. This would work great on a Raspberry Pi

Part three:    

     - the full circuit I am using for the sprinkler, with parts and a bit about how it works with the Android app.

Standalone Android App:

     - doesn't control the sprinkler, just plays a siren sound, works for monkeys and baboons.

Still to do: A nice video of some Monkeys getting squirted by my sprinkler (triggered by the app of course!)