SBC-85 Prototyping Board Features

  • 100mm x 100mm 2-layer PCB
  • All bus signals including reserved (unused) are brought out to pads
  • +5V and GND test points including loops for test clips and pins for DuPont connectors
  • Three component areas, each with  200 pad-per-holes
  • Each component area is surrounded on 3-sides with rows of +5V and GND pads
  • +5V pads are square, 0V pads are ovals, and unconnected pads are circles
  • Labels, Labels, Labels. Every +5V pad has a + nearby and every GND pad has a nearby
  • Place for a power LED and resistor

The SBC-85 100mm x 100mm pad-per-hole Protoboard v1.0b has been received, inspected, and its files are being released and are on the Protoboard Documentation page.  The ‘b’ in the version number reflects the correction to AD3 mislabel on the silkscreen.  There is one tiny mistake we have found in the bus signal break-out area.  The label AD5 shows up twice because the one at the top of the second row from the right should be AD3.  It is easy to spot (now) because the it is inbetween AD2 and AD4, but this was missed before the project was submitted to the PCB fab house.

There is space for an onboard power LED and its current limiting resistor which you may populate if desired, but the rest of the board is a free-range sandbox area for you to build whatever inspires you.

As with all the other hardware, you can check inventory on, perhaps someone nearby has already made a batch and has extras.  Worst case, you can buy them off ebay which just costs us all more.