Assembled using camera technology from different eras, 60s Japan 645 camera shutter lens + modern LOMO Polaroid back + 3D printer body struc

Portable 3D Printing Refit Mini Version Rainbow Polaroid SK1

In 2016,I modified a Polaroid mini camera (prototype) with a folded-back structure was transformed by using the interior of the Polaroid Rainbow Machine. It has a small size, a palm-sized body, a compact overall feel, and is very portable. Although the focus is estimated, but the playability is strong.

Some like it, so I used the free time recently to model the engineering 3D file from the new design. I used LOMO's mini film back and a cost-effective Konica Pearl II 645 camera to create a new one. The mini Polaroid was named SK1.

It has been revised and improved before and after, and various versions have been tested. The final shape is still small and portable. In particular, here is the Konica Pearl II 645/120 camera. The lens assembly itself is more advanced for the whole group. The lens has a convenient focus knob. The lens is Konica's own hexar75 / 3.5. , The imaging quality is very good, the shutter speed is very complete and very powerful B \ 1 \ 2 \ 5 \ 10 \ 25 \ 50 \ 100 \ 250 \ 500, including the shutter line socket, the machine is cheaper in the second-hand market, it is very suitable for use Makeover. When remodeling, just remove its lens. Of course, other lens shutter groups can also be used, but you must try it yourself.

The design of the fuselage 3D engineering file takes into account the characteristics of ordinary FDM melt-extrusion 3D printers, and breaks it into upper and lower parts to improve the printing success rate. It is recommended to use ABS / or industrial fiber / nylon, etc. Higher melting materials,

This SK1mini Polaroid can currently shoot focal lengths in the range of 0.5-1.5 meters, suitable for portraits and sketches, and the shutter is fully manual. The project file will be provided for Baidu web disk download. If you want to build a similar structure, portable return The Polaroid mini camera can be downloaded and assembled by yourself. The following will use the installation instructions with emoticons (this simple camera is not perfect, there are still many problems that need to be improved, and you need some patience and hands-on ability, any feedback and comments are welcome)

The fuselage engineering print file is currently divided into five parts as follows: BODY_down BODY_up Cold boots Reflective lens cutting, refer to the plan view, thickness less than 2mm Print viewfinder (rough range) can also be mounted on other 75 focal length viewfinders of other 120 rangefinder 645 cameras

As far as fun is concerned, making the machine small might not be a good choice. Just as the original idea of Olympus's genius designer Yoshihisa Maitani provided the world with unique compact and exquisite PEN and OM film cameras. Today, even digital, PEN's digital cameras are still alive. Not to mention that there is no need to enlarge the film of the instant camera.

I look forward to seeing everyone build their own unique Polaroid mini




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