Magnetic Camera Lens Caps

3d printed camera lens caps that use magnets to create a lock mechanism to store it in your strap

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This lens caps use a magnetic lock mechanism to store them easily on a magnetic holder in your camera strap or your backpack shoulder pad. The design is easy to print and only requires glue to assemble them. All the parts are easy to get online or on a local hardware store.

Follow the video tutorial to make the custom magnetic camera lens caps. All the steps are easy to follow.

You can find the files here: STL files

And the magnets here: Neodymium 8x3mm

  • 1 × STL Files All the files are on my Buymeacoffee page.
  • 1 × N1 or 19mm or 3/4 Binder Clip you just need the arm
  • 4 × Neodymium magnets 8mmx3mm
  • 1 × Glue

  • 1
    3D printing setup

    All the designs are ready to print just remember to set a 0.2mm as maximum, 0.3 or more will not print well.

    The support are not required in the settings.

    Print first the holder so you can have the right orientation on every magnet in the caps.

    To print the caps I recommends using dark colors for the body and bright color for the letters/logo, that way are easy to identify in your backpack.

    Use N1 or 19mm or 3/4 binder clips, it is the smallest one for paper, the arm it is just great as a spring for mechanisms.

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