Detailed Team Description

The focus of this research group is on the topic of mobility. The starting point is the collection, processing, and analysis of mobility data in the context of fleet tests. The aim is to obtain a detailed picture of the mobility behaviour of the end-user.

Based on the recorded usage profiles, individual mobility concepts can be derived. The aim is to investigate usage scenarios and requirements for electric vehicles of different target groups. By means of simulation, larger vehicle fleets can be modeled and future scenarios can be evaluated in advance.

Another focus is on the development of new services. Increasing digitalisation will create additional data sources in the future. The fusion and analysis of these data sources will enable the derivation of innovative applications for providers and users of mobility services. The vehicle itself serves as a sensor to record its own condition and its environment.

This data is collected across vehicles, processed in the back end and then fed back into the vehicle. This forms the basis for novel vehicle functions that are developed to increase efficiency, safety, and comfort.