Quantity   Component name
2 × Arduino Nano One for the LCD GPU and another for the PID controller.
1 × ESP8266 Weemos D1 Lots of RAM and Flash to store and orchestrate UI forms and firing schedules. Wifi is tempting for UI in future.
1 × Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire 24AWG/0.5mm 30M
1 × SSR Fotek 40DA Only need 10A, but not much more for good margin.
1 × PSU 9V 2A From old parts bin.
1 × SSR Heatsink Repurposed from old 2N3055 PSU.
1 × PC Fan 80MM (0.3A 12V) Runs okay at 9V.
1 × Switch SPST 10A AC 250V So one switch can cut power to everything.
4 × Porcelain 3 Terminal Block Mostly for the mounting at the back of the Oven. Plastics don't like 130+ deg.
1 × Mica Sheet (Microwave) As insulation under Terminal blocks to prevent 240AC from shorting if connection comes loose or multistrand wire eludes inspection.
1 × 2.4" Touch LCD Parallel version.