Information on each of the stages: 

Bandpass Filter:  three coupled parallel LC circuits based on W8DIZ BP filter design. 

RF Amplifier:  2N3904 single RC-coupled feedback amp based on VU2ESE BITX amplifiers. 

Mixer:  Standard diode ring, using trifilar toroids given to me by Farhan VU2ESE. 

VFO:   Hartley design out of the book Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur.  Main tuning capacitor from a Galaxy V transceiver (cap given to me by Pete Juliano N6QW).  Coil is an Eddystone from an old pre-war English regen receiver.  Tunes 455 kHz BELOW desired receiver frequency (VFO runs at 8.845 to 9.645 MHz)

IF amplifiers:  4 stages, each an RC-coupled 2N3904 feedback amp based on the BITX design. 

IF Filter:  a single Murata 455 kHz ceramic filter or 10kHz bandwidth.  Placed between the first and second IF amplifiers. 

AF amplifier:  2N3904 pre-amp followed by an LM386 chip.  Circuit similar to that used in early BITX 20 design.