Quantity   Component name
2 × Suction and blowing pump Small air pumps (acquarium type) 2 only
8 × Silicone tubing 8mm outside diameter, 6mm internal diameter. About 60cm per module
1 × Robot wheel motor To drive the magnetic flea
1 × Base Piece of plywood 500mm square
8 × 3d printed pinch valve This fits on the silicone tubing and is driven by a servo motor. One per module
8 × Standard servo motor One per module
8 × Chemical containers Plastic drink bottles
1 × Arduino atmega 2560 This drives the servos, pumps, heaters and sensors. Programmed with Firmata.
1 × Main computer Prototype uses Mac (with Johhny five). Final version could use micropython (say ESp32)
1 × Capacitive permativity sensor for chemicals Arduino set up as capitance sensor for retort. Only one
1 × Retort Air tight bottle with silicone tube outlet
1 × Magnetic flea (only one in the retort) Two neodynium magnets in a 3d printed capsule