I decided to try my effort with programming John Conway's Game Of Life in C for the Hackaday SuperCon 2019 badge.  It took me a while to get the calculations right.  I became a little bored with the plain blue background and drew something with GIMP.

I was driving back from San Diego in December and started messing with the idea of having the playing field to wrap around from top to bottom, and from side to side.  That change to the base program was not difficult.  I started a blog post about this and let it sit dormant for a couple of months.  


Semi-isolation gives you time to take to get around to finishing projects, and making new ones, and reading books, and watching tech videos.

You can find the source files and a compiled file for:

Game Of Life with wrapping around sides at https://github.com/gbushta/GameOfLife

Game Of Life with no wrapping at https://github.com/gbushta/Game-Of-Life-2

If you have the FPGA Supercon 2019 badge you can directly copy the .elf files onto your badge and play with it.

You can press the Up button on the D-pad area as many times as you want to select a different random seed.  This will give you a different starting position.