Kart data logger project using the Teensy 4.0 to log a lot of data in real time and transmit it via Bluetooth to a phone running the RachChrono app (that can be mounted on the steering wheel of the kart for live info or could be placed in the pocket for data logging only) and via a NRF24L01+ module to a hand held device that can be used by spectators to read the data. Also, the data is shown on a 2.42” oled display that can be mounted on the steering wheel and which has shift lights.

Data logged/transmitted:

·        Acceleration pedal position
·        Brake pedal position
·        Steering wheel position
·        RPM 
·        Wheel speed 
·        Current gear (for shifter karts)
·        G-forces
·        Lap time (using the magnetic strips in the track)
·        Heart rate 
·        GPS position
The Teensy 4.0 microcontroler logs all this data and also transmits it to a Bluetooth device running the RaceChrono app.