Open source power management system for small power generators such as a bike dynamo

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Dynamino is a programmable board that fits any need that comes with projects that involve advanced features of management of small power generators such as bike dynamos (bottle or hub ones), solar or eolic generators.

Dynamino allows to:
- convert output current
- safely manage li-po and li-ion battery charge
- protect devices from power surge
- 5 input sensors
- 6 low-current and 3 high-current outputs
- have insight and statistics regarding output current, total energy and power output of the generator

Dynamino, thanks to its flexibility and its capacity to interface with sensors, finds several applications.

If applied to a bike dynamo, it can deliver power to the lighting system and can manage the charge of portable devices (gps navigators, smartphones) depending on the speed of the bike, the slope of the road and the battery level of the device to charge.
  • 1 × ACS712 Current sensor
  • 1 × Diode bridge rectifier
  • 1 × 680µF 25V polarized capacitor
  • 2 × 220µF 50V polarized capacitor ultra low ESR
  • 1 × LM2596 DC-DC Converter

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Выходные Аквариумиста wrote 07/09/2020 at 11:35 point

Good day) I made your rotellino project and was satisfied with the exception of the mount, I have brakes and I can’t correctly fix them. I am pleased to wait for the continuation of this project and wait for at least some kind of info.

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