Making of the mechanical strap system

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dannyvandenheuveldannyvandenheuvel 05/24/2020 at 09:490 Comments
The mechanical table exists out of a strap belt, the whole mechanics has to be build into the enclosure on a easy way to get removed or inserted.


It's been build around a very strong stepper motor Nema 34 with 4.5Nm torck. The driver must be very silent so we needed to work in micro steps with enough power. After several tests with different motors this was the best result. It also needed to be double shafted because we wanted to work with a motor that we manually wanted to move to bring in the ambu-bag.
The standard strap belt we used has a width of 20 mm and the thickness about 1 mm. You can find it in your local warehouse. Take the nylon one and if you cut it always use a burner to melt the ends.

 Here you see how it is brought into the enclosure.

It is very compact and fits perfectly!