• Part 5 (Design Overview)

    WalkerDev06/29/2020 at 12:54 0 comments

    The Overall Body Design For The Drone. The Black Represents EDFs and the electronics will be stored under the drone, with some exceptions at the top of the back section.

    I will draw out the body template size on paper and after make it from plywood/aluminum. 

  • Part 4: More Advanced PCBs

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    Health Monitor/Person Tracking Band Boards

    Boards Separated To Top Side and Wrist Side

    Front Side

    - Fall/Dangerous Movement Detection - 

    - Eye Tracking For Interaction - 

    - Banana Pi Zero for Processing -

    - Mini Screen For Data -

    - Battery -

    Facing Wrist 

    - BPM Monitoring -

    - Temperature Monitoring -

    To The Side

    - Connections Hub - 

    - Bluetooth Board -

    - Power Board -

    (Took Me The Longest To Make, revisions needed so will be shown once revised)

    - Grab Function

    - Auto Balance System

  • Part 3 - Boards, Schematics And PCBs Part 1 (Connectors)

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    I'll probably release the files for these once I actually have tested all of these!

    GPS System

    - Neo-6M GPS Module

    Internet Connection

    - ESP8266 Module

    Bluetooth Connection

    PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Prototyping Kit (CY8CPROTO-062-4343W)

    Parachute System

    EDF Movement

    Flap Movement

    Auto Charge System

    *If you couldn't tell, I love un-ordinarily shaped PCBs*


    - Self Made Arduino

    - Self Made Servos

    - EDF Control

    - Health Monitoring Band

    - LiPo Power System

    - Auto Charge System

    - Solar Powered

    - Grab Function

    - Auto Balance System

    (Can't make ESC yet)

  • Part 2 - Sections

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    Before I could start with the drone, I had to know how exactly I would make it.

    To begin, I made a very rough sketch of the body and where the main parts would be.

    The part in red is the wing and body. The body is the long piece pointing to the top. It is connected to the side flaps, capable of going up, down, left and right. The body has an actuator system of sorts that allow for auto balancing within the drone (but more on that another day).

    The white circles are the EDFs (they will be designed by me) that will have one in the center being 400mm and two to the back being 200mm. The front works as a lifting force being able to slightly curve itself, while the two at the back are able to go left, right up and down.

    The yellow part will house the two back edfs and majority of the electronics. It is made as a modular piece that will be able to easily connect to the body and side. It will also have a USB hub for easy sensor change.

    The scale of the entire thing will be based around the side of the yellow part (let's call it the Mother Box). The maximum weight allowed for the MotherBox will be 5 lbs. The MotherBox is the most important as it's what allows for everything to run. I then thought of all the things I wanted the drone to be able to do.

    - Health Monitoring

    - Integrated Chatbot

    - Multi Vision Capability

    - Image/Face Recognition

    - Auto Balancing Software

    - Phone/Computer Control

    - Follow Function

    - Protect User Function

    - High Modularity

    - Object Avoidance

    - GPS Navigation

    - Internet Connection

    - Zoom In Capability

    - Bluetooth Connection

    - Auto Mode

    - Grab Function

    - Speaker Function

    - Auto Charge

    - LiPo Powered

    - Solar Powered

    - Auto Balance System

    And I want this all to work from one computer. My goal price for this entire thing is $650 as if I am able to get it to that price, I will be able to have it mass manuafactured at a lower price. I am also trying to balance quality and Quantity so that will be a fun challenge. For now however I can start on designing the Mother Box! To EasyEDA I go!

  • Part 1 - Project Divisions

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    Looking for a Drone but can't seem to find one that's open source yet has everything you need? Well you've come to the right place! 

    The drone will be based on the following concept image from Transformers: TLK

    I'll start off by putting the projects to 5 general sections:

    - Mainframe Design

    - Flight System

    - Sensors, Servos and More

    - Outer Cover

    - Computer/Phone Connection

    Although I can see that this design is feasible, i'll have to add quite a few parts to make sure it is capable of holding itself well and will always have the proper amount of weight put on it. I will be creating a custom weight balance system and possibly my own EDFs, given the size and thrust I want. 

    Majority of the parts will probably be brought from Sparkfun Electronics or designed myself and 3D printed. 

    I've also been looking at the Cypress PSoC® 6 Dev Kits, which makes life way easier for me. I'm familiar with IoT because of smaller gadgets and programs I've made in the past, but i'm not highly advanced. I really like the PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit as it fits all of my needs and allows for a lot of function in a compact package. I'll be using the IoT to send data between off-board and on-board sensors, which will allow me to create highly visual and detailed UIs showing the drone's current state.

    Now, to the drawingboard!