Internet of Batteries (IoB-DC28)

"Safe mode w/ Networking"

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Welcome to the Internet of Batteries: DEF CON 28 Edition! This year we're back again but this time in Safe Mode w/ Networking, and RGB!

We've been told that the SAO standard "doesn't support" a battery back-powering the circuit on the VCC, which means we've done the most logical thing...Built a badge/SAO hybrid to support back-powering through it's pin-out and keep track of how much power has been consumed!

Additionally, there is a WiFi Mesh Network (Itero) which powers the IoB. Through this network you can send broadcast messages to one big group chat, or sent PMs to up to 25 added devices. To scan for available nodes in the area, add other batteries to your "friends" list, and interact with group & private chat, you will need to connect to the Captive ArcadeTM.

This project is iterating on last year's design of a simple (and mostly-safe) battery badge which back/forward-powers any electronic badge & add-on via VCC pins, supplying ~700mA of current @ 3.3V while keeping track of how much power is drawn via back-powering and forward powering other badges and SAOs. This badge runs off of it's own power, and is able to operate as a standalone unit. To view power usage statistics users connect to the Captive ArcadeTM on the ESP32 to view local battery power consumption and discharge stats.

See https://BatteryInter.ent for more details.

Buggy Release - Broken Websockets (captive portal doesn't allow input), Broken Safe Mode w/ Networking, limited light shows, phantom inputs, but it works!

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    Git gud

    Git gud

    (real instructions to come after prod release of IoB-DC28)

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