UCPLA RGB Mood Expression Light Controller

An adaptive hand operated RGB Light controller for mood expression, ,YES or NO questions and fun!

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The Cerebral Palsy RGB Mood Expression Light controller is based on the difficulties in communications, especially in times like this with masks and social distancing. The RGB Mood Expression light could be worn in a mask ( like the example picture) ,as a button, a pole on their chair or decorate their gear. It allows individuals to express mood, answer simple yes or no questions and request assistance from helpers and family.

Main parts
1. Custom Fit RGB LED mask ( by selecting the correct size vacuum forming buck)
2. RGB swag for equipment or pole mounted to wheelchair
3. Blob RGB CP Adaptive controller , combination Blue Tooth remote and rechargeable battery pack

A generic BT RGB app on android and IOS can pair to the RGB brain to and control as well. :)

We create the "Blob" controller with 15 standard RGB pre-selected colors. We did this soft hacking a common Blue Tooth RF remote, and it is easy to 3D print and repeat the build. Inside the Blob houses 16 AA

i. Concept- Is the project creative, original, functional, and pushing boundaries? Does the project effectively address the selected challenge?

Yes the project has a solid Cerebral Palsy foundation theme, this was build with feedback from the mentors that communication and emotional expression is tough for cerebral palsy individuals

ii. Design- Is there a depth of design detail available (like a system design, CAD models, project test methods, etc.)? Is there base-level planning for the functionality (e.g., functional block diagram, list of specifications and descriptions of how they will be met, etc.)? How user-friendly is the design?

I will create a plan for the process and get some test models out for the cerebral palsy foundation to try out.


iii. Production- Is the project realistically reproducible (taking into consideration necessary materials, skills, and production processes)? Are the manufacturing processes detailed? Are those processes realistic for scalability?

The style of manufacturing is certainly possible in any maker space. Vacuum forming does not require expensive equipment and duplicate blanks for mask frames can be make every few minutes when you get going.

iv. Benchmark- How well is the project impact and viability demonstrated? Are estimated costs realistic? How well does the project improve upon other currently available solutions?

I will demonstrate the product on myself and also send prototypes to the foundation for testing in the real world for feedback.


v. Communication- How thoroughly have the Final Round requirements been completed? How well documented is the project? How “open” is the design? 


Remote7 color scheme.3mf

This is the first prototype of the Blob RGB controller and it is colorized in the 3D model through 3D builder

3mf - 16.91 MB - 07/08/2020 at 04:10


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Josh Starnes wrote 06/26/2020 at 09:08 point

It is a new project, the first project is just a clear mask by itself , one and done. the only one piece from the other project is an outer frame and that was just the first set of pictures to get and idea of what it might look like , then I went back to the drawing board because the needs of this project are different. Once COVID has passed the project needs to still be valid and usable which is why this project will include alternate ways to mount lighting to a pole on their chair or the parameter of their table trays that commonly clip on to their specialized chairs. It is significantly different in the case that a physical controller must be developed  that will control and RGB setup, house the batteries, physically large format and robust to survive drops and make it easy to use in a way that is designed in mind for a cerebral palsy individual.  See the first project was just a clear mask made to be vacuum formed with quality and cheapness.  So just to be clear , the 3D files and STLs for each project are different as well .  A completely different design will be required. This is easily going to be 300% the work the clear N95 mask project requires. In the next couple build logs you will see how this projects efforts and challenges lie within the electronics, adaptive control and possibly an app for Android/ IOS tablets. The pictures I have up know are fun looking click bait to get hacksters to start reading and hopefully inspired , for a good cause, to build their own ideas. I can see where you would misunderstand the scope of the project , perhaps I will explain it better in the description. Thank You , Josh

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hengliaowilliams wrote 06/26/2020 at 08:35 point

I do like this project but I really have to pick holes as shouldn't this project to a project log on your main Clear N95 + Mask , 3d Printed & Vacuum Formed project. As to me it looks like you being tricky and are trying to get multiple elements of the same overall project 'liked' in a way to get more possible money on the 7th if it is judged. Doesn't this practice you are doing hide other projects that are putting in quite alot of work and morally unfair.

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