• 1
    Get All the Parts and Componenets

    Here is what all you will need:

    • An NE555 timer IC
    • A stepper motor
    • An A4988 stepper motor driver
    • A breadboard
    • Some jumper wires
    • Any capacitor between 1 and 47 uF
    • A 10k Ohm potentiometer(Also, try using a 100k one)
    • A 9-12 volt DC power source
    • A 1k Ohm resistor
    • An LED(Optional)
    • A 1k Ohm resistor(For the LED)
    • A voltage regulator with a 5-volt output(L7805CV, use a regulator if you don't have a separate 5 volts power supply)
  • 2
    Follow the Circuit Diagram and Set Up Everything

    Follow the circuit diagram(click on it to get full view) and start by plugging on the 555 timer IC and the motor driver on the breadboard. 

    Then, continue by connecting the capacitor and resistors to the 555 timer IC. Check the images above for reference.

  • 3
    Connect the Stepper Motor to the Motor Driver

    Connect the two pairs of the stepper motor's wires to the outputs of the A4988 driver board. Connect 1A and 1B to the first pair and 2A and 2B to the second one.