With the closing down of industries and business in major cities across the world, millions have been rendered jobless. These people having nowhere to go either indulge in unsocial activities, explaining the increase in robberies post lockdown or find it more feasible to  take up subsistence farming in rural areas. This is true for most developing nations. With massive de-urbanisation, there is a dearth of essential service agents like watchmen, delivery agents, construction workers, janitors etc. in  cities. A guard`s added responsibility is selective entry to campus, maintenance of social distancing and warding of people without masks. Law enforcement agencies are unable to deal with the rising number of roberries as they are already busy enforcing social distancing and associated activities.

I plan to install a virtual gatekeeper at the entrance to the house or an office that asks for voice-based password for entry. Also, entry is not given solely on mouthing the correct password but the voice is also recognised and only authorised people are given entry. Current systems generally rely on image processing and bioinformatics for the smae. However such systems are power hungry and expensive. To deal with these issues, the GateKeeper has been proposed.

The PSoC 6 Pioneer board would serve as the maiin controller that would be interfaced with a microphone and a servo mototr operating the door handle. Whenever a person is detected the PIR motion sensor wakes up[ the MCU from deep sleep and it then displays instructions on the screen to start saying the passcode. When done with the sound acquisition, AWS IoT Greengrass based inference is used to interpret the voice and data is pulled from the AWS IoT cloud(DynamoDB) and the neural network checks if the particular voice is registered.
If the password and the voice detected is present in the cloud database, the person is allowed access and the credentials are logged with a time-stamp. This system also acts as an autonous attendance system which is very much likely in the post-Covid world

- Cheap
- Power-efficient
- Security cum attendance sysrtem
- AWS powered
- Saves on labour resources

Hardware used
- PSoC 6 WizFi/BT Pioneer kit
- Microphone
- PIR Motion sensor
- Servo motor
 The Pioneer kit was chosen over the prototyping kit because of the small form factor and the display shield that can be used to display instructions to the person attempting to enter premises or access some property.

Software to be used
- WICED Studio
- NodeRed
- TensorFlow Lite 
- Arduino IDE

About Me

I am a fresher at an engineering college in India pursuing Engineering design. I am an IoT freak and have made many home automation projects on RasPi and NRF boards. I have experience with cellular IoT as well.

I am interested in image processing and FPGA-based vision applications. I have good knowledge of machine learning algorithms and like to apply them to solve real world problems