What’s New in Version 1.1:

  1. Compared with version 1.0 that only supports the STM32F1 series, the whole STM32 series are supported in the new version 1.1.
  2. RT-Thread configuration mode includes framework configuration and tree configuration. With framework configuration, components or software packages are easy to be enabled by clicking the corresponding icons; Under tree configuration, all the configuration options are organized into a tree diagram and the search function is added to the right-click menu, which is convenient to locate a specific option.
  3. In addition to supporting the STM32 series of chips, RT-Thread Studio now also supports the chip manufacturers to add chips.
    The current SDK manager contains the resource packages for the STM32F1 and STM32F4 by default. If users want to use other chips, they can install the corresponding resource packages first.
  4. Add a concise mode for the compiler output, which can be turned on or off by clicking the switch button at the compiling window. The usage of ROM and RAM can also be printed in the compiling window.
  5.  In addition to the RT-Thread Studio project, MDK and IAR projects are available to be imported directly.
  6. Add a new DevStyle theme with a beautiful color scheme.
  7.  Add the code analysis feature and offer the preference configuration to support analyzing code, showing the causes and locations of errors and warnings.