Tossing ideas for better landing gear

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Mission "Wifi" Impossible > Bring Long Range 5G and 2.4 G WiFi Backed By A 1 Gigabit Fiber To The East Brainerd EF-3 Tornado Disaster area.

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 09/16/2020 at 02:530 Comments

Here are all the 8 degree dihedral arms in their place on the 6 point frame. Originally it was a DJI frame but we have since modeled and 3D printed lighter PLA based alternatives. This is good for anyone who cannot get their hands on a DJI or similar 6 point clone frame. My friend Tharindu added his idea for light landing gear. It should be similar in weight to the 1.6 ounce arms. I’m consider 6 legs but that might be overkill. I believe I will take the frame apart tomorrow some time to start swapping parts to the next versions