Main features

  • Low power sleep at  ~3uA .
  • Use CR2016 battery
  • Custom font
  • 3D printed case and key chain .


  • Display 1.54 inch display . More detail here
  • MCU: Texas Instruments MSP430G2553IPW20R  (TSSOP-20)
  • 32.768 kHz crystal for accurate time keeping.
  • Flash chip:  NOR Flash SPI  32Mb (4M x 8) .  Tested GD25Q32CTIGR,W25Q32JVSSIQ,BY25Q32BSTIG
  • The necessary components plus 24 Position FFC, FPC Connector for the epaper display.
  • Extra reset switch and mode switch.
  • Header to flash the MSP430 and serial (UART) for debugging and uploading to the NOR Flash chip.