Lachini Fridge and Freezer Controller

This project is an alternative firmware for a variety of PARS Refrigerators

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This project based on Freezer and Refrigerator of PARS home appliance MFG. CO.
PARS MFG located in IRAN. First digital temperature controller with three keys display panel designed by ITW APPLIANCE REFRIGERATION PRODUCTS GROUP, this temperature controller based on PIC microcontroller(PIC16F872).
This board used for Larder, 4-Star and Nofrost products in PARS company. I changed MCU to AVR microcontroller and wirte cross-platform program with C++ to easly change MCU to any microcontroller for example you can use an ARM.
I developed new model with display touch panel. First touch panel based on SM1612 and TS08N. The second touch display panel based on HOLTEK MCU (BS86D20A-3 Touch A/D Flash MCU with LED/LCD Driver).
Freezer and Fridge have modern function such as Auto/Manual Defrost, Super Cool/Freeze, Eco mode and etc.
I develop modren LG function with QFSK : Smart Diagnosis LG InstaView Refrigerator Audio Description.

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