File server for OPL built on a toy tank shell.

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Samba file server built to be used together with Open PS/2 loader using a headless Orange Pi with Armbian operating system.

  • 1 × Orange Pi Zero
  • 1 × DC-DC voltage converter
  • 1 × USB case for 2.5" SATA drive
  • 1 × 128GB SSD
  • 1 × 8GB Micro SD card

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  • 1
    Prepare the Orange Pi Zero

    Mount the SSD drive inside the USB case then connect the case to the Orange Pi Zero. Connect a USB-to-Serial to the Serial Header on Orange Pi Zero board.

  • 2
    Acquire some knowledge

    Watch a tutorial on how to do a file server with Raspberry PI3 to get aware of the steps necessary to implement on the Orange PI, which are basically:

    Read the Network Lessons.

    Read another tutorial on OPL Lan with Raspberry PI

  • 3
    Download, install and configure the software

    Without getting into much details (there are good tutorials online) the following steps are necessary:

    • Download Armbian and write the image to the Micro SD card.
    • Using a terminal program like Putty (windows) or Screen (Linux) check that the machine is booting.
    • On the serial terminal setup the wireless network to be able to access the machine later without the serial adapter using SSH.
    • Install and configure DHCP server (link with good explanation)
    • Format the SSD drive. I have used ext4 as a filesystem to be able to use iso images larger than 4GB. Some tutorials advise to install NTFS (ntfs-3g) support for Linux.
    • Make SSD drive mountable on system startup (linkwith good explanation)
    • Install and configure SAMBA Server
    • Check that it is possible to accesse the file share from another computer

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