• FM Towns Controller Board Schematic

    10/03/2020 at 21:27 0 comments

    From an image posted on msx.org foruns

    the following pinout was obtained:

    Button    Pin(s)
    UP          8
    DOWN        5
    LEFT        6
    RIGHT       7
    A           2
    B           1
    SEL         8/5 (through D1)
    RUN         7/6 (through D2)
    SW          4
    COMMON      3

    and the schematic was drawn:


  • Fixing LG DVD drive

    07/13/2020 at 04:20 0 comments

    A 100% of the CD and DVD drives that I have from LG suffered from an annoying aging problem. After few months of use the CD/DVD fails to load the media and eject the disc. At first it occurs oftenly and gets worse with time up to the point the it fails everytime.

    I needed to reinstall the operating sytstem on an old machine and the drive - an LG unit was at the point that it failed all the times.

    Then I've took off the covers of the DVD player to figure out what was happenning and I have found that the loading mechanism required good force at the end of its course.

    Such mechanism is driven by a belt that I found that was too loose - in the sense that it lacked tension - to provide the necessary friction.

    To fix the problem I used a sillicone band torn in two (as it was too wide to fit). Though the perimeter of the sillicone band was much smaller than the original belt, it supported the tensioning very well and it restablished the DVD player.

    Worth to mention that the belt can be replaced without openig the drive as the belt is reachable (using a tweezer) with the DVD with its door opened.

  • Dormant Casemod projects

    07/10/2020 at 14:37 0 comments

    A couple of weeks ago I've started to work on some Casemods that have been sleeping for a while.

    So far I have completed:

    • Megadrive PC
    • TankServer

    And I am currently working on:

    • BattleStation
    • RetroSlim