• Retro Prototyping Board

    5 days ago 0 comments

    PCB for prototyping retro computing and gaming projects.

    100 mils spacing up to 72 vias edge connector, 36x28 (1008) vias prototyping area.

    Available for download or order at oshpark

  • SD2IEC board

    06/12/2018 at 19:36 0 comments

    My version of PCB for "SD2IEC Revisited" from Retrohax (https://www.retrohax.net/sd2iec-revisited/). 
    Hand routed, has basically the same dimensions and can be even built by tone transfer (no vias under components).

    Board shared at OSHPARK (link) and at Github (link)

  • Tic Tacs

    06/08/2018 at 00:43 6 comments

    My collection of homemade projects stuffed inside Tic Tac boxes.

    My collection of tictacs
    From left to right: Pickit2 clone, USBAsp, TicTacX, Arinc429 Sniffer, 32 Shades of Grey
    PICKit2 clone
    Tic Tac X
    Arinc 429 sniffer/analyzer
    32 Shades of Grey
    Another view of the collection