• Random Stuff

    04/09/2018 at 10:16 0 comments

    Bottle Openers

    Built during a sunday morning out of scrap wood worked with files and sandpaper then finished using wood finishing oil.

  • Ideas for my Linear RGB clock

    02/22/2017 at 23:19 1 comment

    Inspired by #Linear RGB LED Clockby Jan I decided to build my version. Instead of RGB LED addressable strip I'll be using regular LEDs and shift registers.

    As I am planning to use the cheap chinese Digispark boards and a minimal of components. Since RESET pin is not available as I/O in most of the cheap boards I have only 5 pins to spare.

    Two pins are for I2C communication with the RTC module

    One pin will drive the shift registers using Roman Black's 1 bit shift system

    The last two pins will be shared by a button and an LED each. Thus I need only three 8 bit shift registers (74HC595) for driving the remaining 24 LEDs

    here's the draft for the circuit.

  • ZORKDuino Shield

    02/14/2017 at 18:38 0 comments

    Browsing had.io pages I've stepped on the amazing #Zorkduino project wich implements a Z-Machine to play text adventure games (like Zork!).

    The original project is very cool but it was build upon some ready made modules and a proto-board, so I've decided to route an specific board for the project named ZorkShield.

    The board was designed to allow the assembly of both SD or MicroSD card slots and also allow the assembly of either a P2 stereo jack or a dual stacked RCA female for audio and video.

    The video output have been slightly modified so the voltage and output impedance follow the RS-170 standard (like #VGA Blinking Lights). As a late time improvement I've added a RESET button.

    Despite the board is a double layer It can be etched at home using tone transfer.

    The layout was uploaded to OSHPARK but soon I'll upload it to github.