Part Number: PS21767


As energy saving is becoming more and more important nowadays, more and more inverter technologies are used in motor driver to get high-efficiency performance.

The PS21767 is a kind of 600Volt, 30amps Dual-in-line Transfer Molded IPM, which is designed to be used for AC 100~240V  low power motor inverter control, such as home appliances and industrial application.  

The PS21767 is among the latest product of Mitsubishi Electric, which comes with the features of Mitsubishi 7thGen IGBT technology, this  improves the usability, expands the product line-up and has the same package and pin compatibility with the older generation.

Core Parameters 

  • 6-Pac circuit configuration
  • Compact packages
  • Single power supply
  • Integrated HVIC
  • Direct connection to CPU
  • Reduced Roth


The PS21767 is a key component in the solar photovoltaic system because it functions as an inverter and is significant in the process of converting the direct current (DC) into the alternating current (AC) that the end user can use at home.

  • Consumer Electronics
  •  Motor Drive & Control
  • Solar inverter
  • Power management

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