Autosampler for elemental and isotopic analysis

This autosampler has been used in our lab for the measurement of C and N isotopes in more than 6,000 solid samples!

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Elemental and isotopic analyses are performed using elemental analyzers, and are widely employed for diverse scientific fields. An elemental analyzer is typically equipped with an autosampler. Here we present an open-source autosampler for elemental and isotopic analysis of solid samples. The autosampler consists of 1) a sampling table, on which a carousel pushes samples inside an orifice, and 2) a purging pipe, placed directly beneath the orifice, where the sample is purged off surrounding air, and then delivered to the reaction tube. The action of the purging pipe ensured that air contamination, an issue for the analysis of some elements like nitrogen and oxygen, was negligible, and results for elemental and isotopic composition of nitrogen and carbon were inside specs. Full details:

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