Raspberry Pi mini laptop

Toshiba libretto ct30 portable raspberry pi laptop.

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I will try to convert a Toshiba libretto CT30 to a raspberry-pi laptop. I was inspired by a blog post on to integrate the pi into an existing shell. Off course i wanted to be more ambitious and chose the libretto ct 30 as shell. This is the first project concerning hardware i am undertaking. The biggest challenge will be to fit everything in the shell, find a screen that fits the shell( 6.1 " ) and to make the original keyboard work with the raspberry pi.

libretto pi.pdf

Schema of the components

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guide on how to make your pi loose some.

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  • 1 × Toshiba libretto CT30 shell

  • Waiting

    Mattias Coudron11/02/2016 at 11:40 0 comments

    I bought a libretto, with defective screen and a crack in the cover, for 1£ on ebay. The estimated delivery date is between 6 and 12 december.

    An overview of features i want in the project:

    • RTC(real time clock)
    • raspberry pi UVS, if the battery is low autoshutdown.
    • reusing the battery, finding some sort of charging circuit
    • on/of button
    • reusing the keyboard/mouse (teensy)

    A lot of the components are available in various online shops. The challenge will be to fit everything in the shell.

    I will probably have to desolder the usb/ethernet ports and relocate them, some USB peripheral like the wifi will be soldered to the pi.

    A lot of thinking(and learning) to do.

    Next post will be a log of the parts i want to use.

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