Onion's Omega 2 USB + Power Dock

Breakout board that features USB host, 3v3 power and depuration trough micro usb port.

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The Onion Omega 2 and Omega 2+ are cheap Linux-based, WiFi development boards that came to the world some years ago. They are an interesting alternative for the Raspberry Pi Zero W in some cases. Although it's low price, and running "out of the box" the omega boards aren't so easy to start with.

For stand-alone use, you need a breakout board or a "Dock" that allows you to acces to different features like Ethernet and USB connection, serial comunnication or simply to break out the 2mm pins.

This board pretends to solve those issues in a small form factor.


- Breakout board for the 2.00mm pins to the 2.54mm standard
- Type USB A host
- Reset and FW buttons.
- Micro USB for regulated power and wired serial comunication.

  • 2 × 2mm 1x16 pin header
  • 2 × 2.7mm 1x16 pin header
  • 1 × CH340G
  • 1 × AMS1117-3.3
  • 1 × Micro usb female port

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