IRON Man ARC Reactor

Hii Friends Today I'll Show You How To Make Simple DIY Eclipse Wall Light Using ESP8266

SO LET'S Make It

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I created this project after I was inspired by smartphone controlled neopixels in a friends house but his were shop-bought. I thought "how hard can it be to make my own, it would be much cheaper too!"

(✯ᴗ✯) (✯ᴗ✯)


Ws2812b RGB Led Strip


: Buying these from local shops would be a better


Arduino IDE

Print Your Plate With 3D Printer

I made this plate using 3D printer

If you don't have a 3D printer, don't worry, you can make it without a 3D printer.

You will need a box lid

And you can use it to make it ):

I have used ESP8266 in it, if you also have Wemos D1, then we can use it

Thanks Nextpcb for Sponsoship

If you don't make your PCBs yourself, where do you make them?Personally, I do not have the space and the courage (nor the skill) to do them myself.For SF, I turn to Util-Pocket, because I find that the quality is excellent for t

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