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A project log for Display Server

Reuse old computer monitors to display static documents or art.

Peter WalshPeter Walsh 08/27/2020 at 23:140 Comments

I have a build that runs the display server, and when a button is pressed (GPIO12, configurable) the system switches to AP mode and any device that connects gets routed to a configuration page. That page doesn't yet have contents, but switching between the base server (for documants) and a config page seems to work OK.

For reference: anyone who wants the ability to set the RasPi to AP mode showing a config page can use this project as a template.

I have a singleton script that will configure the RasPi samba server based on the user's preferences (which the config web page will invoke when complete), and this seems to correctly configure the RasPi for remote directory mounting. Typing:

ConfigureSamba --user=someone --password=some-pw --workgroup=some-group

ConfigureSamba --user=someone --password=some-pw --workgroup=some-group

will automatically set up this samba user, set the user's workgroup, *and* restart the samba demons.

The display server is working, and will correctly display files in the directory on startup, and will notice and display subsequent files when delivered to the remotely mounted. Have to work out some details, such as maximizing the PDF reader once started.

I have an application "Screenshot" which is available as part of the project (in the remote-mapped directory) which will take a local screenshot and automatically copy it to the Display server it came from, and this works.

Minor bug: server doesn't recognize (and therefore doesn't display) image files, so displaying a screenshot doesn't work quite yet.

All in all, the project is coming along quite nicely!