Imagining the menu system

A project log for self-contained SD based AVR programmer

Workbench programming tool

Nick SayerNick Sayer 08/30/2020 at 23:300 Comments

At boot, you get the first project on the disk

<- Remount, -> Select

 You use up and down to scroll through the projects. If you go left, the power for the SD slot is turned off and you get:

Insert SD card
-> when ready

Click right and you go back to the beginning.

After picking a project and clicking right, you get

<- or -> last:NONE

 This is telling you you can use the left button to go back to the selection menu, or right to start an operation with this project. last:NONE is telling you that the result of the last operation is undefined.

Click right and the operation begins:


The bottom row is a progress indicator for each sub-task. In general, you can expect first a chip erase operation, then the fuses are set and verified, then flash and lastly EEPROM. 

At the end, you go back to the previous screen, with "last:GOOD" instead of NONE, assuming there were no errors. If there were, it would be "last:BAD"

If there are errors, the error is shown and the screen paused for a second before going back with "last:BAD"