Workshop Details:

Learn basic soldering from old school thru hole up to tiny SMD parts. This workshop will cover some science, lead and lead-free, flux, paste, hand soldering, and if we have time hot air and hot plate. Sebastian will share all of his soldering tricks! 

Instructor: Sebastian Oort

Sebastian is a math teacher in the Netherlands, and a board member of the largest Dutch hackerspace, Revspace. He is also one of the founders of, a Dutch conference badge group from SHA2017. Sebastian enjoys building all the things with his trusted soldering iron. Besides building his own stuff, he also really enjoys teaching others soldering skills to be able to create great things.

Tools i'm using (no paid promotion ;) )

  • Soldering station JBC BT-2BWA
  • Tips for the JBC: C245-906 and C245-907 (chisel tips)
  • Aoyue 852 hot air station
  • Andonstar AD407 microscope with display and simultaneous HDMI output
  • Atten tweezers, or any other quality brand


  • Solder leaded: Stannol leaded solder 0.5mm SN60PB40 HS10 flux
  • Solder lead-free: Stannol SAC305 Kristal 611 leadfree solder, 0.5mm
  • Flux: Chipquick SMD291NL gel-type flux
  • Paste: Chipquick TS391SNL leadfree paste, thermally stable
  • desoldering wick: Stannol Solder-Ex 2.5mm (but with extra flux any will probably do)
  • isopropyl alcohol, 99%
  • lint free swabs
  • toothpicks
  • Old creditcard