Workshop Details:

This workshop will go over the basics of radio signals, how they are used to convey information, how devices communicate, and best of all, how to act as one of those devices!
Radio waves are all around us, chattering in a myriad of protocols, and almost all of it is available for the listening in one way or another. This workshop will demystify these magical radio waves to the science, protocol, and math they really are!

Instructor: Josh Conway

Josh is a hacker, systems administrator, 3D printer software & hardware developer, amateur radio operator, musician, and more. He finds interest in creating new things, reusing tech in different ways, and abusing 'unintended' methodologies hidden inside hardware and software.
His previous projects include:
RadioInstigator SigInt tablet
3Dollar Scanner
Facial Recognition for your Con
Thalmic Myo Open Sourcing via Public Hacking