Workshop Details:

This workshop outlines the basics of what an FEA analysis involves. With no prerequisites, this workshop will cover the key concepts of stress and strain, explaining how forces act on a body, how those bodies react to forces (elastic and plastic deformations, necking, and breaking), and how these concepts are applied to FEA through the discretization process.

Instructor: Naman Pushp

Naman has a passion for learning and loves working on projects that can make a difference. Some of the projects he has worked on include a full-face mask for a competition by Stanford and Autodesk and came 6th. As well as working on creating a laptop-in-a-box, which plugs into a TV to become a laptop for under Rs.4000 (~$50). Naman is currently working on his own startup; OpenDrone, to provide accessible drone delivery at a global scale.